For large projects requiring file transfer. We has set up this page for clients to send files, insuring fast transfer time, and a safe method of upload. Click on the "Browse" button below to select a file on your computer. After you've selected the file, click the "Upload" button to transfer your file to USA STENCILS, INC. Files accepted are normal archive files inclusive of Gerber, to include files with extensions .zip, .pdf, .dwg;. Thank you!

How to use browser-based FTP (also known as WebFTP) on your Windows PC:
Open My Computer (do NOT open Internet Explorer).
Copy and paste the link below to the address bar hit enter. You will be askingto enter  user name and password. Please call us for password.

Data Transfer for Manufacturing Purposes
In order for USA STENCILS to be more effective in processing your requirements, please take a moment and review your information before either emailing or uploading to USA STENCILS.

GERBER FILES : We can read any Gerber format. .

FABRICATION DRAWINGS : You can send us your drawings as prints. Also by converting them to Gerber data files, we have the advantage of viewing your drawing on our computer and then plotting the copies we need. We can also read fabrication drawings as DXF, HPG, DWG, and PDF. For consistency and compatibility, convert all graphic files to Gerber data.



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